Fourth of July and FamilyFourth of July and Family

Fourth of July and family, these two things seem to go together in my book. A summer holiday to relax and share fun, food and don't forget the fireworks.

We have reached our second summer holiday - the Fourth of July. Families usually combine their vacations around this holiday to visit with family, go to the lake or enjoy events that take place in their hometown.

In my small hometown, Streator, LaSalle, Illinois it was always an exciting time. The carnival was in town and we always had a parade down Main Street along with fireworks at the high school.

There was always a Drum and Bugle Corp Contest and they came from all over to take part for a trophy. Churches would offer their buildings to the bands so that they would have a cool place to stay. Usually in Illinois in July it was very hot and humid and their uniforms were hot to wear. They always put on a great show for the towns people every year.

My mother, Nancy Gertrude Brumley Weik always made me several summer outfits to wear to the holiday events around town. My father and brothers were always on or walking with the Boy Scouts of America float that they had worked on along with other troop members.

There was the food booths around town that you could get your hot dog or hamburger from various organizations, such as the American Legion or the VFW. It was a good time to use this opportunity to make money for your organization that you could use during the year. 

Everything back then was always family oriented. We worked as a family on floats for the parade or working in a vendor booth or helping out wherever we could to make things a success.

If we weren't with our families then we were with our friends, walking up and down Main Street, talking to people we had not seen in a while or having a soft drink along the way at our favorite hangout.

The Fourth of July and family was what it was all about in my hometown back in the 60's. I have fond memories of my friends and how excited we were to share this holiday with one another and have some of the greatest times of our lives.