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Mother - Nancy Gertrude Brumley Weik


My mother, Nancy Gertrude Brumley Weik died ten years ago today. She would have been ninety-five years old and she would have still been sharing stories.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about her in some way. It is remembering how she told a story about relatives or sharing one of her many sayings I learned over the years. She loved music and could tap her foot to any song. She loved her costume jewelry and could never have enough of it.

She loved dogs and had many throughout her life that loved her unconditionally. She loved to bake or cook. If it would not have been for her and 4-H I would have never learned anything except how to boil water (as my brother used to say).

She loved to sew and taught me how at a young age. She made all of my special occasion dresses, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Homecoming, and Prom. She made my wedding dress even though I lived in another state at the time. She made a sample dress out of an old sheet she had and mailed it to me. I then tried it on and told her what needed to be changed. I did not see the actual dress until the day before I was married. The only thing that had to be done on my wedding day was to have the buttons moved over on the cuffs of the dress. The rest of the dress fit perfectly.

She loved visiting with people on Main Street in our small town. She enjoyed working part-time in Montgomery Wards and J.C. Penny’s for extra spending money. She was a Cub Scout Den mother for my brothers and worked with the Boy Scout program for several years with my father, Merle Otto Weik.

But she loved her family the most, coming to Kansas City to see her parents, sister and brothers and nieces and nephews. She loved spending Christmas time with her immediate family where she could laugh and tell stories of the “good ole’ days”.

She also loved us – my brothers and I. She would do anything to make life easier if we were going through a rough patch in life. For years, we would look forward to our phone conversations every Saturday (long before the cell phone). We would talk about our latest find in our genealogy search for relatives and would many times discuss scenarios of how we thought one relative was related to another. 

One of the biggest thrills of her life was learning that her granddaughter was pregnant with twins. Even though her health was failing we talked about her seeing her great-grandchildren, on many days that was my pep talk to her about hanging in there until she could see them. She was able to accomplish that before she died and they were her pride and joy, in which she told everyone about her girls.

She would have been proud of me for turning all of our hard work into a blog so others could know about their relatives. She gave me the drive to do what I do today and was always my biggest cheerleader and fan.

I love you mother and miss you.



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