James Brumley

James Brumley - What I Know

James Brumley, what I know about the man and his family. I have looked practically forever for him and have come up with very little to go on over the years. I have no real concrete evidence that he is my great-great-great grandfather who was born in Tennessee about 1797. There has been more research done on his wife Eleanor "Nellie" Crismon who was born on January 17, 1798 in Lee County, Virginia than James. 

Her genealogy over the years doesn't even tell much about him and where he came from or how he got to Missouri. So much of my research has been done with their children and their families in Gasconade and surrounding counties in Missouri.

James Brumley and Eleanor "Nellie" Chrismon were married around 1816 or 1817 I believe in Gasconade County. I have not been able to find a marriage document for them. I know that James was living in Gasconade County as the Missouri Census of  1830 and 1840 shows;

James Brumley
1830 Census Missouri Gasconade County
James Brumley
1840 Missouri Census Gasconade County

Isaack Crismon was Nellie's father and when he died in or around November 26, 1838, the estate listed her as his daughter and James Brumley was his son-in-law. They would receive $4.25 from the estate.

James Brumley
Isaack Crismon's Estate

I have a document dated May 15, 1841 from Gasconade County, between James and Eleanor to sell their son William Brumley forty acres of land for $74.00. 

In 1850, James Brumley and his family were living in Crawford, Osage County with three out of nine children still in the home.

James Brumley
1850 Missouri Census - Crawford, Osage County

Sometime in 1856 James died and Eleanor "Nellie" died sometime in 1860 in Osage County. She is shown living with her son Stephen Brumley in the 1860 Census in Osage County. I do not know where they are buried but most likely a relative's farm.

James Brumley
1860 Missouri Census Osage County Eleanor living with Stephen Brumley (her son)

This is where the trail ends for James Brumley and Eleanor "Nellie" Crismon. If there is anyone that can tell me where they were buried or any more information about them please feel free to contact me.