Weik Wedding
Rubie Jemima Pultz and Richard Otto Weik

 Weik Wedding Wednesday

Weik Wedding Wednesday - Otto Richard Weik and Rubie Jemima Pultz were married on February 20, 1906 in Clay Center, Clay, Kansas by the Justice of the Peace.

Weik Wedding
Clay Center Courthouse Kansas

Otto Richard Weik was born on January 5, 1885 in Leonardville, Riley, Kansas to John Weik and Elizabeth Brandt. Rubie Jemima Pultz was born on September 14, 1889 in Clark County, Iowa to George Edward Pultz and Kate Anna Smith.

Weik Wedding

Otto and Rubie were my grandparents. They lived in or around Keats, Riley, Leonardville, Manhattan, Kansas all of their lives. To this union were seven children; Leo John, Edward Hugh, Don Charles, Lola Mae, Elsie Elizabeth, Ina Marie and Merle Otto (my father) Weik.

In the 1910 Kansas Census, they were living in Sherman Township, Riley, Kansas.

Weik Wedding
U. S. World War I Draft Registration

On September 12, 1918, Otto Richard Weik signed up for WWI in Riley County, Kansas. He did not see any active duty, probably because he was farming and the sole provider of his family.

In the 1920 and 1925 Kansas Census they were living in Wild Cat Township, Riley, Kansas.

Sometime in June of 1926 Otto was working with a horse on his farm and the horse kicked him causing a severe injury. On June 16, 1926 he died from the injury. It left Rubie to continue to raise all seven of their children by herself. She continued to work the farm after his death with the help of all of her children. My father, Merle told me about the time he was too little to help out with the farm chores and he was put in the wagon they were using to work the crops while the older siblings worked. 

It says in the newspaper clipping that she was a teacher, but I have no evidence she was ever a teacher after her and Otto were married.

Rubie never remarried and after the children grew up and began starting their lives she moved into town, Manhattan, Riley, Kansas.