Thankful Families at Thanksgiving Time

Thankful Families

Thankful Families at Thanksgiving time, when we take the time out from our busy lives and reconnect with our families over a meal for just one day. Sounds so simple but just like the branches of a tree we are spread out far and wide. 

As in my family in Illinois on Thanksgiving Day it was always just the five of us. My grandparents lived in Kansas and could not travel at that time of year because of the weather. My mother, Nancy Gertrude Brumley Weik always saw to it that we had a great Thanksgiving meal with all of our favorites. And like everyone else there was always plenty of leftovers. 

I always got to help my mother with cleaning up the kitchen and dishes - a lot of dishes! My brothers would help too but when it came to doing the dishes they seemed to disappear somewhere! It was time spent with my mother talking about shared recipes or how her mother would prepare a certain dish for the family that I remember to this day. Over the  years, I heard  a lot of stories about my mother's childhood just hand drying the dishes and silverware. It was a way of connecting with my mother in that way I will never forget.

During all of the wars, our family like other families were without many loved ones on Thanksgiving. Letters were written or phone calls made had to serve as Thanksgiving and prayers were said for the safe return of their loved ones. 

I would love to discover in my family tree some day that I was related to one of the Pilgrims who landed at Plymouth Rock but if that day never comes I know I have many other relatives to do research on as I keep moving forward with my Brumley Branches.

I have been fortunate this year to connect with new found relatives and to make discoveries from information on my dad's Weik family tree. Once again the branches of my family have spread even farther than I could have imagined a year ago. Thankful families at Thanksgiving time - I  reach out to all my family members as I wish them Happy Thanksgiving, may they travel safely wherever they may roam for this holiday.












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